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Stanthorpe & Granite Belt Chamber of Commerce

The Stanthorpe & Granite Belt Chamber of Commerce is an active organisation that provides facilities to inform, advocate and promote it's members through publications, events and activities.

The Chamber advocates on behalf of it's members to protect the interests of business in Stanthorpe with the aim of providing a secure future for the business and broader community.

As a member of the Stanthorpe & Granite Belt Chamber of Commerce, you have the ability to connect to a large and diverse group of local businesses and have access to Chamber Meetings and Networking Events, publications and other activities - an excellent tool to assist in accelerating your business success. 




Border Rivers and Moonie Draft Water Plan Submission

Click here to view Stanthorpe & Granite Belt Chamber of Commerce's submission

Click here to view the Granite Belt Irrigation Project Detailed Business Case - Project Update for Public Meeting in Stanthorpe

Click here to view the SGBCC ESD EIS Tender Draft

Click here to view the Returnable Schedule 1 Tender Form for Tender No: 19_069


Pots have arrived...

The pots have finally arrived in the main street today.  A dedicated team of volunteers got up early this morning to place the pots in the main street and put in the plants.

There have been many people involved in this project and Chamber would like to thank the very talented artists, Laurie Astill, Dean Ford, John Lich, Anita Stevens, Francina Hill, Elaine Turner, Janne Chew, Julie Brown and Tully DeVies.  The Men's Shed for prepping the pots, the Agricultural Society for allowing the pots to be stored and worked on in the Environmental Pavilion, Mary Findlay from the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery for managing the project, Mal Howard from Mitre 10, Morwenna Harslett from Cherry Lane Nursery, Ian Townsend from Limberlost Compost and Walls Concrete.  Thank you also to Southern Downs Regional Council and staff for their assistance. 

This project was funded by the RADF Grant.  The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Southern Downs Regional Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.

Thank you to John Hendry, Scott Bradburn, Donna Boswell, Kayleen & Greg Antinello, Julie Brown, Ian Townsend and Maddie Burton for getting up early this morning and getting the post out and planted.  Thanks also to Trevor Burton for transporting the pots.

Lastly, special thanks to Maddie Burton who had the vision and drive to make this project happen.  This was truly a joint community project and Chamber is proud to have been able to take the lead and hope the community and visitors will be able to enjoy the pots into the future.


Big Thermometer - Commemorative Plaques

Chamber is pleased to announce that work commenced on the Big Thermometer on Monday, 4 December. Our priority is to involve the community in this long awaited venture.

We wish to provide you with the opportunity to become a permanent part of this tourist attraction, by ordering a commemorative plaque that will be installed in the landscaping design in the pathway leading to the Big Thermometer.

The plaques will depict the names of businesses or families that wish to be immortalised into the landscape design of this iconic structure.  For further details and copy of plaque order form click here.

Please email us if you would like any further information.

First day of construction - Big Thermometer

First day of construction - Big Thermometer

Work is progressing on the Big Thermometer at an exciting pace.  Pictures below are the pouring of the tilt slabs and the finished tilt slabs.  The great news is the crane is booked and the tilt slabs will be lifted on the 1st of March for the Apple & Grape visitors to see some progress.

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